Sandbar Boatel in Bay waters of South Florida                  Floating Bed&Breakfast in FL Keys
Best Locations - Safe and Convenient near Miami, Key West or Naples 
Perfect for boaters, divers and fishermen

First we designed Sandbar Villas for single family liveaboard vacations in FL Keys, but then we discovered real shortage of oceanfront hotels in S FL, most of the southern coast is covered with multimillion dollar private estates or highrise condos and large parts of FL Keys are in National or State parks or it's in the flood zoned areas, where No Land Development is permitted. 
Bay waters and FL Keys are gorgeous, safe and convenient, it is perfect place for liveaboard vacations with huge areas of calm and crystal clear waters, thousands of small virgin islands, coral reefs and sandbars.

So, after Sandbar Villa design was complete  we have designed larger vessel - unique, self-propelled and completely autonomous Boatel, her structural design is very similar to Villa, she just much bigger - 64'x34' with 10 staterooms, each one with full bathroom and private balcony. Rental rates and Fractional Ownership offer for the Boatel will be much more affordable than rates of Sandbar Villas. 

Just like Sandbar Villas our Boatel is self-propelled, self-contained and self-sufficient vessel and she is also 100% Green -  No Pollution at all! All power will be supplied by solar panels with backup propane generator. All rooms will be equipped with individual A/C units.

Our Boatel as floating Bed & Breakfast will be perfect for couples, boaters, divers and fishermen, also for large family events - reunions, weddings or for any corporate events with large commercial size kichen, cafe-bar with outside grill and dining area and huge roof deck with wet bar.

Our Boatel is not a fancy multimillion dollar ocean cruising megayacht, our design and layout may look simple, but it is very functional and convenient, our rates are much lower that yacht charters and we can go to the most beautiful areas of S FL, where yachts can't go, also we have more space inside and outside, our rooms are much bigger than average charter yacht cabins and each stateroom has full bathroom and large private balcony 3'x16'. Our huge roof deck is big enough for all guests to relax there under the sun and for large banquets or romantic dinners under the stars.

Who actually cares about inside look of any hotel room if it's so nice outside? We think that our guests will spend most of their time outside anyway in such beautiful place - gorgeous blue lagoon near pristine tropical island with crystal clear waters and with all fun water activities - swimming, boating, diving or just chilling on the roof deck or fishing from right from the balcony. We will offer our guests free use of kayaks, stand-up boards, snorkeling gear and fishing rods.

In our casual grill cafe-bar we will offer our guests simple, but freshly made and healthy meals, also they can grill their own catch or steak on our grill outside or simply order meals from local restaurants.

We also will provide to our guests  free pickup and drop off and daily shuttle rides to nearby town. Our guests can also bring and anchor their boats next to the Boatel.     

Lower deck layout

​Upper deck