Our Layout 
Our Sandbar Villa is perfect for family vacations and our Lodge is for groups of boaters, divers, special events and corporate parties. 
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As a family we love to cruise Florida Keys and bay waters of South Florida - our own domestic Caribbean paradise with thousands of small pristine islands, calm, crystal clear waters, amazing coral reefs and snow white sandbars.
We want to offer our guests unique liveaboard vacation experience very similar to yacht charters, but for much less and in safe and convenient bay waters of South Florida.
Cruising experience and liveaboard vacations shouldn't be for rich people only!

The idea of designing our own Sandbar Villa came to us during our vacation in Florida Keys - we were on our small cruiser near pristine island with snow white sandbar, it was perfect vacation spot with only one problem - our cruiser wasn't big enough for family vacation.
We believe that bay area of S FL could be a perfect vacation area for other people too - boaters, fishermen, divers and anyone else, who just want to get away from everything for few days, S FL has great weather all year around, it's exellent place for boating, fishing and diving in the safe and convenient US waters.
​First we did some research on ecological and legal rules for boating in S FL. Then my husband, old boater and housebuilder with 30 years of experience in both areas, designed special houseboat for the coastal area - very durable, stable and safe.
Initially he designed her for like for himself and his fishing buddies - simple, rugged fishermen lodge.But I convinced him to make some changes for the comfort of our guests - making all rooms larger with full bathrooms, adding interior stairs instead of exterior, and making walkaround covered balconies with front and back porches on both levels, house size kitchen with standard appliances instead of tiny boat size kitchenette, it wasn't easy process for me, but I did it with help of my daughter.

Most of traditional houseboats are designed for inland lakes and rivers with single deck layout and because they are based on the pontoons or shallow drafted hulls, they are very top heavy and just a gust of wind can flip them, they are simply unsafe in the coastal area.
After extensive research and comparison we designed our vessel specifically for bay waters of South Florida - very durable, safe and stable. Her hull is made of solid heavily reinforced marine concrete.
Advantages of our design -
Durability - Our concrete hull is much stronger and thicker than metal or fiberglass hulls, it can last up to 100 years without any regular maintenance. Our hull is not just bulletproof, it is actually cannonproof!
Stability - All metal and fiberglass hulls are pretty light and without many tons of ballast their center of gravity is high, this is why they roll on windy days. Our hull is very heavy (appr. 60 tons) it's center of gravity at waterline, it will be very stable even on windy days.
​Our vessel is self-propelled, self-contained and self-sufficient for long rental periods. She is also 100% green - no pollution of any kind, even our generator is powered by propane. All needed energy will be produced by solar panels and stored in the large bank of deep cycle batteries with backup generator for cloudy days and hot summer nights. Rain water will be collected and used for showers. Garbage and sewage will be disposed according to the FL laws.

Our double deck layout is spacious, functional and convenient, it's perfect for family vacations -
Walkaround covered balconies and front and back porches on both levels will allow our guests to enjoy being outdoors anytime with any weather conditions. Our bedrooms are not tiny boat cabins, they are large - 12'x14'. Total space under the roof is 1920 SF.
Lower deck has private captain suite, house size kitchen with breakfast bar open to the living and dining area, outdoor gas grill with patio set for alfresco cooking and dining.
Upper deck has two private suites with full bathrooms and wraparound covered balcony with front and back porches.
Our roof is actually a huge sundeck with excellent all around waterview, has patio dining set and beach chairs.
Spacious Hull with 6' headroom with large concrete water and sewage holding tanks has plenty of space for storage of all supplies, equipment and all water toys for our guests - fishing rods, snorkeling sets, kayaks, SUPs etc. 

Our Team

Happy family is good for any business! - we managed to evolve our marriage into productive construction team.
Sergey is third generation custom housebuilder with 30 years of experience and degree in construction. He is also avid boater and fisherman, who cruised all over the East coast and most of Caribbean.
I am in charge of interior design, selection of trim, colors, fixtures and appliances.

Katya is our new team member, motivational speaker and great storyteller, her positive attitude and great personality motivates us to achieve more with new exciting projects.