Sandbar Boatel in bay waters of South Florida

During our recent trips to different boat shows we discovered a big shortage of oceanfront hotel rooms in South Florida, most of the coast is covered with million dollar mansions and highrise condos, large coastal areas there are either in flood zones or parts of national parks, where no land development is allowed.Durin
So, we designed small Boatel, it's general design is very similar to our Sandbar Villas, it is just much bigger with 10 staterooms, each one with full bathroom and private balcony. Our boatel is self-propelled, self-contained and self-sufficient, it's design is very green - all power will be supplied by solar panels with backup propane generator for hot sommer nights. All rooms will be equipped with individual A/C units.
Boatel will operate as floating Bed & Breakfast and will be perfect for boaters, divers and fishermen, also for large parties, weddings and corporate events.